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How Can I Help Bats?

Install a Bat House

Bat houses are artificial roosting structures that provide bats with an alternate site to establish a colony. These houses can provide much-needed habitat for bats to give birth and raise their young. You can purchase bat houses from a variety of vendors, or you can build your own, following the plans provided below. Bat houses must be mounted at least 15 feet high, facing south-southwest, and in areas that receive full sun for at least 8 hours every day. More detailed instructions can be found on our Bat House Installation Guidelines Fact Sheet.


Donate Bat Houses to Rutgers

The Rutgers Wildlife Conservation and Management Program runs a Bat House Distribution Program (319k PDF) where we provide and install free bat houses on private properties where bats are being evicted from manmade structures. To continue this service, we rely on financial and material donations. If you are a Girl Scout or Boy Scout looking for a service project, or you just want to help out bats in New Jersey, please consider donating bat houses we are currently seeking people to donate bat houses. Please email us at to learn more!